Why You Should Get Cloudways Hosting For Your Website?


Are you sick of your website being too slow? Does it get disconnected from the Web often without noticing it? Well, you are not alone and in this review, I will give you the reasons why you should opt-in for a Cloudways hosting account and why it would make the change now.

What is Cloudways in plain English?

Cloudways hosting is a managed cloud server service where you choose your desired provider and Cloudways connect their platform to it via their API which makes it incredibly easy to manage. You pay them based on the monthly usage of that server.

Hmm, I still don’t get it…

Let’s say you wanted to have a virtual private server to host your beautiful profitable website, what would you do? Well, there are few options here, option1: if you created your server to host the website from Digital Ocean Once you create a droplet (server) you will get a virgin server so at this point you need to install Apache, set directories and permissions, install PHP, configure the firewall and so on, any basic user who wants to run a WordPress website will not feel comfortable with all these configurations unless you are a system administrator which makes option 1, not a good idea for a starter user.

Is there a better option?

Cloudways hosting

option2: you get a server and you cut the stress by letting Cloudways hosting manage your server and let yourself concentrate on the important things, if your mail server doesn’t work or the SSL certificate is not installed properly or if your SSH session doesn’t go through… Well at this point, they will be happy to assist you. Consider them like your SuperMan 🙂 simply as that.

Digest the concept!

Another concept to understand what I’ve just pointed here is the difference between Unmanaged hosting and Managed hosting:

  1. Unmanaged hosting is where you get a server but you have to set up and configure it from scratch, you have to be a savvy-geek so you don’t break anything and expose your server to hackers in a plate of gold!
  2. Managed hosting is where you get a server that is maintained by the provider you got it from, they handle everything for you from security to backup etc and they let you control your server with a graphical user interface to interact with your server management.

For me personally, CloudWays hosting is like Plug & Play, no overheads.

Did you get the initial idea? Okay, take a breath and let’s dive in deep the ocean…

Cloudways hosting connects to multiple servers providers including:





Google Cloud Platform

Once you choose your desired Application and Server provider details based on your own preferences needs like server size and location your server will be created immediately, isn’t that cool? Great, let’s continue.

At this point, you don’t have to worry if your server is with Digital Ocean or Linode, etc… it doesn’t matter, cloudways handle this for you and offer server management interface.

It’s all cream and butter 😀

Once you create the server, your application is up and running, cloudways hosting supports the following applications:

  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • OpenCart
  • Prestashop
  • Joomla
  • PHP(custom app)

User Server Management

This is the user interface to manage your server, any created server will be listed here.

This interface is your dashboard, you have everything to control your server, it will display your Master Credentials Server IP address and Login/password, Server Monitoring, Manage Services, Setting & Packages, Security, Virtual Scaling, Backups & SMTP, can you manage all these stuff by yourself? hmm I knew it 😛

Server Monitoring

It has never been easier to monitor your server with Cloudways if you noticed something unusual you can contact the support via chat and they will help you instantly.

Server Services Management

You have plenty of services that you can handle in a click, important services like apache, Nginx, PHP etc, all in one page

Settings & Packages

It’s not all that, cloudways gives you the ability to tweak basic to advanced settings, change PHP version and MySQL, it depends on your need so you have it all.

Server Security

Do you know that even if you provided me with your server credentials I won’t be able to log in, that’s because of the cloudways built-in a security system that denies any login attempt if not explicitly authorized, that’s why you have to whitelist the IP address of the person you are authorizing to access your server

Server Vertical Scaling

So your business is now successful but your server’s resources are still not enough for the high demand of your store, at any given time, you can immediately scale or upgrade your server and it’s virtually done without any issues, select your desired RAM and Disk and you’re done <3

Server Backups

Another point which will make your life much much easier, you can choose the backup frequency, like backup every 7 days or every day or every 6 hours, I personally set my backups to 1 Hour, you never know what could happen 🙂 you can also set the backup retention, the longer is the better in case you need older backups but the maximum is 4 weeks (1 month) if it doesn’t satisfy your needs then cloudways offer the “Backup On Demand” which you can download it later, it seems like Pizza for me or maybe I feel hungry right now 😀

Server SMTP

We all love to send emails and receive them right? When it comes to emailing, cloudways offers 2 options here:

  • Elastic Email: This option is an Addon and will be activated by the Cloudways team. They will charge you based on the Email number you need but to give you an idea, 1000 emails will cost you an additional $0.10, for 8000 emails, it will cost you $0.80, isn’t that cheap? I think so.
  • Your Own SMTP: you sign up for your desired SMTP provider and you provide the credentials into your account. It’s up to you and it’s your choice.

Application Management

When it comes to application management, cloudways did a great job by offering a set of tools that let you control the application you have chosen to install when you created your server.

The application Management will allow you to access details which include admin panel and MySQL access credentials, you can add a new SFTP user manually through this page

Application Monitoring

you also have Monitoring and I would like to thank Cloudways team for the excellent job they did by implementing this features which include Traffic, PHP, MySQL, Running Crons and Disk Usage statistics, that’s really insane, thank you again cloudways 🙂 you deserve a big Cake 🙂

Domain Management

You can also manage your domain through Domain Management.

Cron Job Management

You can add New Cron Job

Did you say SSL?

If you need an SSL Certificate, the interface will allow you to integrate LetsEncrypt for free, if you already have a custom certificate then you are free to install one however if you did, make sure to reload your Apache/Nginx Service to take effect 🙂

Application Restore

So let’s say you literally damaged your website or maybe you messed up with your Git Repository while doing a “Push” what would you do if your website now is not accessible or throwing a blank page?

That’s the beauty of Restore feature, you can at anytime restore your application to a certain date or time, can be a previous hour or last day so it doesn’t matter

Git Feature

Of course, with any hosting company, Git is like electricity, it’s a must to be honest with you guys, I rely on Git in all my project and I’m sure you do, that’s why you will see it included, all you can do is create an SSH key to sync with your git Repo, yeah simple as that.

Application Settings

You have a bunch of options you can set from the application folder to the Webroot folder, TLS versions, and Permissions Reset, you can also play with the PHP FPM Settings and Varnish as well, I must admit that I don’t touch these values unless I consult with the support team but if you know what you are doing then please be my guest 🙂

Migration Tool

This feature is a good one, so let’s say you already hosting your application with another provider and for unknown reasons you changed your mind and you wanted to move to Cloudways hosting, this utility will allow you to migrate without any issues, at any time if you have any doubts you can ask the support team and they will be glad to help.

Content Delivery Network or CDN

We all know CDN and we all need it, by setting CDN to your application you can speed up the delivery of the static content resources of your application and this will help to reduce the amount of consumption of your bandwidth. clear enough right? Yep 😉

Team & Projects

So you have created your server and installed your application, one of your developers must reach to your application to customize, add, delete or edit a file, how would you do that? Simply You click on Team and you add a New member by specifying their email address and specific Permissions to a specific project, at this point you might have only one project or multiple projects, to create a project simply Click on “Projects” and add a new one then link it to your server, when it comes to Permissions you may allow a team member to access only the project you specified them to access. Simply enough

Customer Service

This is my best part of the whole review, I mean, you can build the most successful company but if you don’t give your customers real assistance to solve their issues then I would assume that the business will close at any unexpected time.

Cloudways hosting have the most talented, friendly and patient customer support agents, no matter what your issue might be, Sales or billing or technical, they will help you to fix it, I might recall few names like Ali, Umair, and Hasan… I never had to wait too long to get some help, I always find them available 24h/7 which is great, other providers will go offline during the weekend and you need to wait until Monday… I just can’t stand that, that’s why I will never look for another hosting provider because I know I’m with the best 🙂 Thank you Cloudways.

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