The beauty of Tamri


The beauty of Tamri North Agadir, Morocco.

Tamri is a town of nearly 18,000 residents, it is located 40 minutes north Agadir City in Morocco. Tamri is known not only for its beautiful surf spots which attract surfers worldwide but also for its banana plantation which is the best banans I ever tasted, I would say that most of the bananas distributed through the country is coming from this small town.

I only eat bananas planted in Tamri, they are the best yummy :*

Also, Tamri is a beautiful place for water sports enthusiasts and professional surfers, Many cheap restaurants welcome you to enjoy a typical Moroccan dish.

Life tempo in Tamri is slow which never make you feel under stress, you got all the time to do anything at any time.

It’s never too late to enjoy your life

Near the village of Tamri is located a river which is disgorged in the Atlantic Ocean: Oued Tamri. The waters of this river Souss-Massa are slightly agitated. The Oued Tamri has recently been discovered to be also a place of breeding colonies of bald ibis.

Bald Ibis, a rare birds species

I must warn you that you are not allowed to catch or hunt or disturb these birds, you might face a huge fine as it is guarded by Sous Massa National Park. It is still Okay to take pictures 🙂

A man that keeps guarding the birds all day long to protect them against any unauthorized hunting.
The release of a satellite-tagged juvenile Northern Bald Ibis in Morocco
Credits: Video by Brian Stone ( of Northern Bald Ibis preening in the sun at Sous-Massa National Park. Thank you Brian Stone for the excellent shooting.

How can I enjoy my day in Tamri?

I would recommend a few things to enjoy your day.

If you are a surfer, you can enjoy surfing in Tamri Beach, which is one of the cleanest beaches in the area.

If you are a fisher, you can enjoy sea fishing, I would recommend going fishing in a beautiful spot called “Do-Imzi” it is 8 kilometers exactly to count from Tamri center and turn on your left before you reach the welcoming sign of “Imsouan” by 500 meters, and just to warn you, keep a good speeding of 60km on the road upon your first 2 kilometers from Tamri town, as you will find policemen with their Radar !

What types of fishes do I expect to fish in Do-Imzi Spot?

“Do Imzi” is known by its quality of water, it is clean, too far from factories that might pollute the water, therefore, the quality of the fishes you might fish is excellent, I got myself many types of fishes which includes:

Sar of rocks

I can assure you that the taste is very good and can’t explain it unless you taste it by yourself
Fresh from the Water

Mulet sauteur

One of the best fishes personally
This is my fishing…



Bar Mouchete

These are the most fishes you can get out of all this area of Tamri.

Besides of Surfing and fishing, Tamri is famous for its golden sands, you can enjoy all day sitting on this pure golden sands with a cup of thee and enjoy the sunlight and the sound of the waves, away of anything else, it’s a beautiful moment and I can’t describe it enough because it is really a great place to have a good moment either alone or with your beloved ones.

Tourists visit this place just to have fun playing on the sand

It’s up to you now to judge the view.

If you are someone that loves camping, this area is totally safe and it’s risk-free, we spent nights in there without any issues, we parked our car far from our tenants and we never had any issues.

We spent the night fishing here and it was a great weekend
My Uncle and my friend are fishing 🙂

Never swim in this area because it’s full of rocks. So it’s risky.

If you are the kind of person looking for peace of mind, a relaxation moment this is the right place so what can I else say? Discover it by yourself and enjoy 🙂

Please don’t forget to comment and share your experience with us 🙂

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