Why You Should Get Cloudways Hosting For Your Website?


Are you sick of your website being too slow? Does it get disconnected from the Web often without noticing it? Well, you are not alone and in this review, I will give you the reasons why you should opt-in for a Cloudways hosting account and why it would make the change now. What is Cloudways in plain English? Cloudways hosting is a managed cloud server service where you choose your desired...

What is WordPress and What is it all about?


Do you remember when you were in high school, back in time you would make a journal or a diary where you feel yourself breathing when the internet came in, it brought huge options which modernized everything we had in the past, from a cassette of your favorite Dire Straits album into an mp3 file and from a cable television reception into IPTV access which only streaming via your DSL or...

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